Show your support for WDO
These items help the club to raise funds for prizes, Winter Gathering and other activities.

T-shirts are currently out of stock. Check back for new designs.

Check out this USB-Medical ID band now available through the club. Wearing this bracelet gives you peace of mind knowing that your medical information including allergies, blood type and emergency contact info is available to first responders such as EMTs who are trained to look for emergency ID bands on persons in need of help. You load your information into a pre-set form that is easy for EMTs to access in the event of an emergency.

Priced at $35 and available in Red or Black, see Ross to get yours and support Wisconsin Ducati Owners today!


Show your colors, Patches now available! $5 each

Items are available to purchase and are physically located at MotoUnion. Methods of payment are cash or check made out to 'WDO'.

Don't see a product you are looking for?  Please let us know what you would like to see so we have ideas for future products.  Contact Ross Bennett at to give your feedback.  Thanks!