esmo Owners Club / Wisconsin Ducati Owners  (DOC / WDO)
Become a Ducatisti!

WDO wants YOU!  Interested in becoming a member? Our 2022 membership drive is on NOW! 

Simply follow the link here: To Fill Out Form
Fill out the form online and submit, along with payment. If you are unable to submit online, contact Ross here:  RossB@WisconsinDesmoOwners.com 

Membership has advantages including a sense of community, ride opportunities and special events. We are an active club that has events or meetups every month of the year. We look forward to seeing you at meetings and on rides. Go ahead and sign up, it really is a great time!
More questions? Contact the President at RossB@WisconsinDesmoOwners.com to get up to speed.

NOTE: please update your information in the 'My Ducati' section of the www.Ducati.com website before you renew with WDO. It is helpful for us to attach each member to WDO in the Ducati database. 

*** Membership Dues ***
New Member: $25
Renewal: $20 annually

How to Pay:
- Cash can be paid to the President or the Treasurer
- Check made out to Wisconsin Ducati Owners or WDO and given to the President or the Treasurer
     Mailing address:
     Christine Ledezma / WDO Treasurer
     2568 S Howell Ave
     Milwaukee, WI 53207
- Paypal: submit to: treasurer@wisconsindesmoowners.com  //  "Sending to a Friend" vs. Paying for an item or service. When paying, if this line is changed the club will avoid a processing fee.
Note that if you use PayPal and do NOT change the setting to 'Sending to a friend' it will cost the club an additional $1. 

The DOC is the official club for Ducati owners

The WDO is the local Wisconsin club for Ducati owners

WDO is part of the DOC

Here is a teaser to give an idea what it is all about...

YouTube Video