WDO Challenge 2021

The 2021 WDO Challenge is currently under development. Details will be announced via email, Facebook, Instagram and posted here soon.

Mission Statement:
The WDO Challenge is held to encourage riding your Ducati and participating in the Ducati community. 

Challenge Guidelines:
This is a merit-based challenge, with prizes being awarded to the top points earners. Guidelines on how to earn points are being developed for the upcoming season. You will need to be a dues-paying member in good standing to qualify. Prizes will be awarded to the top points earners with First Place being added to the WDO plaque at MotoUnion. The Challenge Coordinator will keep a running total of each member’s points. Keep an eye out here for updates!

The Challenge Coordinator ~ Karrie Heinze (Points Czarina)

   (The keeper of the points)


Previous Challenges: 
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