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2013 Challenge

The 2013 WDO Challenge prizes were awarded at the Winter Gathering on January 25, 2014.
During the 2013 riding year a challenge was spelled out by the WDO board to give an award to the rider with the most points accumulated. A total of 29 people participated in this years challenge. The top five who led the Duc Pack:  Don Mildebrandt, Dawn Mildebrandt, Don Kolata, Katrina Jenkins and Daniel Nunez.  Each earned a gift card good for $100 at MotoUnion.  Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who participated!

Points were able to be earned in the following ways:
Question of the month -     10 points                            Meeting attendance -         20 points
Ride after meeting -           50 points                            Posted WDO rides -         100 points
WDO Gelato series -          75 points                           Wisconsin Rustic Roads -  75 points
WDO volunteer work -      250 points                           Member referral -              300 points
A point multiplier was given for Rustic Roads, multiplying points times the number of members on the ride.

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