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2020 Challenge

WDO Challenge 2020

Mission Statement:
The WDO Challenge is held to encourage riding your Ducati and participating in the Ducati community. 

Challenge Guidelines:
This is a merit-based challenge, with prizes being awarded to the top points earners. Guidelines on how to earn points are listed below, you must be a dues-paying member in good standing to qualify. Prizes will be awarded to the top 8 points earners with First Place being added to the WDO plaque at MotoUnion. The Challenge Coordinator will keep a running total of each member’s points. 

There are four ways to earn points: 
WDO Meetings – 8 points possible 
Ducati Dinner Rides - 5 points possible
Motorcycle Social Events - 3 points possible
Scavenger Hunt – 25 points possible 

WDO Meetings are typically held on the 2nd Saturday of the month at MotoUnion 3:15pm. Exceptions apply but specific dates, times and locations are in the calendar at WisconsinDesmoOwners.com Be sure to write your name legibly in the WDO Ducati book for meeting credit.

Ducati Dinner Rides will leave following the monthly meeting from MotoUnion unless otherwise noted, typically kickstands up at 3:30pm. A point is earned for each Ducati on the ride. (A Ducati includes any bike that has a Ducati engine or frame.) It is not necessary to participate in dinner, although it is kind of the idea. Ducati Dinner Ridegive us the opportunity to ride in a group and experience scenery around SE Wisconsin. Restaurants are chosen for their proximity to good roads and ability to handle our group for parking and seating. Be sure to write your name legibly in the WDO Ducati book for ride credit. A Google map of the restaurants with website and additional information is available here: http://www.wisconsindesmoowners.com/Home/map
Note: if you get a message asking for permission, log out of any Google account to proceed.

June 13 - Kim's Pizza Pub
July 11 - TBD
August 8 – TBD
September 12 - TBD
October 10 – LD’s BBQ / 2511 Main St, East Troy

Motorcycle Social Events are motorcycle themed or group oriented to foster a sense of community within the club. You will need a photo of you at the event to show attendance, and sent to the Challenge Coordinator. It is not necessary to have your Ducati in the photo unless stated.
- March 7 / Il Ritrovo dinner in Sheboygan
- June 28 / Ducati Ice Cream Social (point is for riding a Ducati to the event)
- December 7 / Chili entry in Chili Cookoff @ MotoUnion 

Motorcycle Social Events are motorcycle themed or group oriented to foster a sense of community within the club. You will need a photo of you at the event to show attendance, and sent to the Challenge Coordinator. 

Scavenger Hunt is just what it sounds like, go hunt for each of these locations and take a picture of yourself with a motorcycle in front of the location. It must be clear that you are at the location by using an obvious landmark or sign at the site. The Google Map has pointers for each photo op. File photos from previous visits will not be allowed, the intent is to visit the site on your Ducati in 2020, however non-Ducati motorcycle photos will be allowed. Locations were chosen for being interesting Wisconsin landmarks, places with tours or relatively near good roads. Points for the Scavenger Hunt will be tallied by sending an email to The Challenge Coordinator here: Challenge@WisconsinDesmoOwners.com with the name of the location, your name, a picture of you with the bike at the location and the date you were there. Please send your photos in a timely manner after they are taken. Entries must be submitted by December 1, 2020. Accommodations will be made for those who do not have the ability to submit digital photos. 

Scavenger Hunt – 25 locations for 2020
Milwaukee Soldier's home
Slinger Speedway
Governor's Island
Scenic Overlook
Trek Bicycle Corporation
Little Amerricka Amusement Park
Da Crusher Statue
Watson's Wild West Museum
Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum
Funks Millpond Tunnel
Richfield Historical Park
Dr. Evermore's Sculpture Park
World's Largest Barber Pole
The Domes
Harborside Common Grounds
Reefpoint Brew House
Art Preserve
Grandview Folk Art Environment
Waupaca Covered Bridge
Ephraim Fire Museum
Garrett Bay Road Boat Ramp
Neenah (Kimberly Point) Lighthouse
Villa Louis Historic Site
The House on the Rock
Historic Point Basse 

(Click here for a link to the map) 

 Note: the map is the most complete resource for each location. Web links and local info are included.
(If the map asks for permission, be sure you are logged out of your Google account)  


Top 8 points scorers will have choice of prizes available at 2021 Winter Gathering and will be chosen from the prize table in descending order of points from 1st - 8th. For those not able to attend, best efforts will be extended to arrange a proxy for the winner, need not be present to win.

The Challenge Coordinator (Karrie Heinze)

- Any points questions or issues should be directed to The Challenge Coordinator here: Challenge@WisconsinDesmoOwners.com 

- The Challenge Coordinator will tally points submitted from sign-ins at Meetings, Ducati Dinner Rides, Social Events and Scavenger Hunt. 

- It is each members responsibility to submit points to The Challenge Coordinator. Be sure to include all pertinent information with each submission including your name, location or event and photo.

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