Designed by Harry Wirth

Wisconsin Desmo Owners name has officially changed to Wisconsin Ducati Owners. The club name was established in 2008 at which time Ducati corporate headquarters had been encouraging all clubs to use the word Desmo as part of their names. In recent years newer clubs have been using Ducati as part of their names and the WDO board recognized this as an opportunity to more closely align the name of our club with our mission of enjoying Ducati Motorcycles. The state of Wisconsin now officially recognizes us as 'Wisconsin Ducati Owners' and the logo has been altered to indicate this new name. Wisconsin Ducatisti rejoice!

WDO Logo Concept, as described by the artist

- The general shapes suggest a dynamic stance of speed and motion.

- The red is the visual language of Ducati, a trademark color.

- The gradations of grey to silver is the mechanical technology and innovation.

- Links to heritage put the flag colors of Italy waving at the top right.

- The font is italic and again suggests motion and the style of font is sport/performance oriented.

- The hierarchy of letter size puts WDO most important linking to Ducati Owners. The Wisconsin is scaled down and shows the location of the club.

Harry Wirth is a WDO member.